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Central Okanagan Parent Advisory Council
Parents Supporting Student Success
No Space for Hate in BC Schools
​British Columbia District Parent Advisory Councils: No Space for Hate in Our Schools
No Space for Hate in BC Schools

​British Columbia District Parent Advisory Councils: No Space for Hate in Our Schools

British Columbia District Parent Advisory Councils: No Space for Hate in Our Schools


As BC DPACs, we stand with our children, parents, and caregivers to support and recognize the diverse culture in our schools and our society. We believe SOGI inclusive education reflects diversity including the acknowledgment of multiple genders and sexualities, which plays a pivotal role in educating our students about the world they inhabit.

BC DPACs strive to support the education goals of our communities and through that, support the mental health and wellbeing of our children. We firmly assert that any group endeavoring to undermine or segregate our communities has no place in the inclusive environment of BC public education. It is our commitment to continue supporting our parent and caregiver communities in their education about the significance of SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) education and how it profoundly benefits our children.

Regrettably, some groups have been disseminating misinformation and, in doing so, neglect the myriad of ways our children require support, including:

  • Access to affordable childcare; 

  • A well-funded public education system that ensures schools are seismically safe, equipped with modern facilities up to the highest standards, and provide ample space for all students inside school buildings;

  • Current and comprehensive learning materials; 

  • Access to healthy, plentiful food; and

  • Up-to-date technology for both basic and enhanced learning experiences.

We would urge everyone to learn more about the current BC education curriculum and understand why it is crucial that sexual orientation and gender identity is part of public education. We also recognize that trans and gender diverse people have always been part of society, and that 2SLGBTQIA+ represents a vital facet of the beautiful mosaic that constitutes the human experience.

On a day when our children will see a lot of hate in the media and the world around them, we encourage our communities to show love and express your unwavering support for inclusivity within our schools.


  • Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (SD39)
  • Central Okanagan Parent Advisory Council (COPAC SD23)
  • New Westminster District Parent Advisory Council (SD40)
  • North Vancouver Parent Advisory Council (SD44)
  • Kamloops-Thompson District Parent Advisory Council (SD73)
  • Surrey District Parent Advisory Council (SD36)
  • Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (SD61)
  • Vernon District Parents Advisory Council (SD22)
  • Langley District Parent Advocacy Council Executive (SD35)
  • Nanaimo-Ladysmith District Parents Advisory Council (SD68)
  • Sooke Parents’ Education Advisory Council (SPEAC SD62)
  • Prince George and District Parent Advisory Council (SD57)
  • Gulf Islands District Parent Advisory Council (SD64)
  • Mission District Parent Advisory Council (SD75)
  • Coquitlam District Parent Advisory Council (SD43)

More DPACs will be added as they sign on to this message of solidarity and concern.

Treasurer 101 present by COPAC Treasurer Roslyn Hazen
7:00 PM- 8:00 PM
COPAC General Meeting
7:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Dan Duncan ADHD presentation
7:00 PM- 8:30 PM